Unique Custom Tile Art Designs
If you're looking for unique, custom tile art, tables, inserts and more, we invite you to enjoy something no one else offers. 
Examples of Dollahon / Dunlap's work,
from Missions and Mountains, Horses and Cougars, to Flowers and Cactus.
“Unique and original”, “a rare and different art form”, “amazing talent and skill” but mostly just “Wow, how beautiful” -- these phrases have all been used to describe the designs and craftsmanship of Annie Dollahon & Denna Dunlap’s creations. 
Don’t let the fact that some of these projects are tables mislead you. Every one of them is a true piece of art. Everything from drawing the picture to the tile and grout choices are laid out and decided in advance to create the perfect flow of colors and motion within the project.  The metal band caressing the rim is hand cut, rolled and welded. The wood inside is sealed birch and the tile is set on masonry board and properly thin set. The foundation is built to last generation after generation if treated like an heirloom and the stunning beauty of the stone and tile picture is priceless.
These are one of kind pieces of art. Every piece has a certificate of authenticity and a story.
The Calm before the Storm wall hanging
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